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Invoice Finance

VIG K Finance is offering special bill discounting services to the small, medium and large Indian corporates. In the bill discounting feature, or also called as Invoice Financing, after the company or client for which the organization has applied for has worked and such invoices have been accepted, but the payment cycle is long, such enterprises can present the accepted invoices to us on a discounted payment basis and sufficient funds can be raised in lieu of the invoices shared. For those enterprises that are not dealing with the bills of exchange, they can raise the capital through invoice discounting facility.

VIG K Finance has special offers as per the turnover of the enterprises. In case the turn-over surpasses 2 crores, the bill discounting or invoice financing of VIG K Finance will allow access to a lot of short-term period invoice financing. By collateralising the business’s outstanding invoices or bills, VIG K Finance is providing ample opportunities to the enterprises to strengthen their working capital.

Invoice Finance

Features and Benefits

Invoice Finance – Features & Benefits
  • Healthy Funding: Possible to liquidate 80% of the accepted invoices into cash.
  • Quick Approval: The approval time is less than or up to 24 hours.
  • Loan Cap: The amount of funding may vary in between 5 lacs to 1 crore.
  • Bullet Repayment: More flexibility to pay in one shot in the form of bullet payment with minimum interest rates.
  • Small Loan Tenure: 30 to 60 days loan tenure; therefore, no extended liability.
Invoice Finance

Eligibility & Documentation

  • AR or Accounts Receivable & AP or Accounts Payable Aging Report
  • Board Resolution to borrow
  • Memorandum and Article of Association of the Company
  • Complete Details of the Order Received , Invoice , Insurance policy and Lorry receipts etc
Invoice Finance

Interest Rates and Charges

  • Depends upon documents, credit score and credit history
Why VIG K Finance for Invoice Financing?

With considerable experience and expertise in the financial sector, we are able to deliver the best financial products to our customers to resolve their core business problems. Our invoice financing product is one such alternative to help strengthen the cash flow of the business.

  • An expert team to understand your problems and give you the right solution.
  • If you want a reliable partner to help your business grow.
  • A trustworthy partner to share sensitive financial details with.
  • What is invoice financing?

    It is a short term debt financing that businesses exploit to raise funds against the invoices generated to parties or clients of the business.

  • What are the loan tenure options?

    30 days to 180 days

  • How much finance can I avail of?

    From 0 to 1 crore.

  • What is an asset based loan?

    It is a kind of debt financing in which you can use your liquid assets to raise instant funding like BRs, invoices and inventories.

  • How long does it take to process the loan?

    It may vary in between 5 working days to 10 working days.

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