“VIG K finance”

This website “vigkfinance.com” (“Website”) means and includes its affiliates, successors and permitted assigns. The website is committed to protect the information and data and privacy of the users. As and when the website is being used, the website may come to know the personal information of its users, and may be, confidential information. The website, it is reiterated, is committed to protect the information of the users and vows not to disclose them except in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms & Conditions of Using the Website” or if done with the consent of the user (using the website means his / her expression of consent). The personal information would not be sold or given on rent to anyone. This policy discusses the information collected, the manner in which it is used and also the choices the users can make about the usage of information collected. If you are not satisfied with the Privacy Policy, you must not use the website at all.


If one opts to use this website, various information will be asked for, i.e., name, address, income – tax details, KYC documents, returns, business information, login name, password, phone numbers, marital status etc. Information available with “VIG K Finance” would be used as per the law of the land and would be handled with a lot of confidentiality. The information apart from what has been asked to fill in over the website will also include Information that the Users provide to “VIG K Finance” over telephone to its personel and officials; Information that the Users provide to “VIG K Finance” by due diligence and surveys; other information which is obtained upon the information provided by the user. The information may be confidential and sensitive. The non-disclosure privacy policy will not be applicable to that information which is in the public domain, known already and generally.

“VIG K Finance” may use the information provided by the user in the following ways, namely:-

(a) to provide and help in providing the requested service.

(b) to confirm identity of the user/ proposed borrower company/ firm etc.

(c) To get credit scores from various rating agencies.

 (d) to get further information from other private and government agencies/ persons/ individuals/ companies/ firms etc. to check the details of the user which may be used to assess the financial creditworthiness of the user.

(e) to make appropriate offers.

(f) for any other incidental, ancillary or connected purpose etc.

(g) overall administration of the website; (h) design the products , offer products and services.

(i) manage the relationship with the user, or get in touch with the user to send communications, e-mails, notifications, information, data, applications etc. that the user has made and/or inform the user about other products or services “VIG K Finance” thinks has some utility.

(j) improve the business for it and the customer

(k) comply with the laws, guidelines and regulations.

(l) to retain the information as per the terms of this policy.

(m) to implement its terms and conditions.

(n) use this information in other ways permitted by law. By submitting such information as asked for or obtained later on, the user gives his express consent that the information may be used by the website as the website company deems fit.


The website makes every reasonable effort to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided. Standard practices prevailing at present are being employed to eliminate unauthorized access to any personal and confidential information, though in this age, it may not be possible to completely do away with security risks. Needless to state, no internet – based system can be hundred percent secure.


Like other websites, “VIG K Finance” will also use “cookies” or other such applications or softwares. “Cookie” is a small text file created by a website that is stored in the user's computer either temporarily for that session only or permanently on the hard disk (persistent cookie).

Cookies and such other applications or softwares provide a way for the Website to recognize you and keep track of your preferences. If the cookies of “VIG K Finance” are blocked, that may lead to loss of various services provided by “VIG K Finance”. “Web Beacons” may also be used along with “Cookies”.


Though the website takes due care that the information provided by the user is not disclosed to others without the user’s consent for the purpose fixed, still the website will not be responsible in case third parties in unauthorized manners by their acts (not in reasonable control and authority of the website), get the personal information of the user.

In any event, if a user is directed to a third party website, “VIG K Finance” is not responsible for any loss, damage caused due to the activities conducted under that third party website.

The website “VIG K Finance” may include links to other websites. The inclusion of a link does not imply any endorsement, consent, express or implied, by “VIG K Finance” of the third party website, or the information on the third party website. If the users submit personal information to any of those websites, such information is governed by the privacy policies of such third party websites and “VIG K Finance” will have no responsibility or liability with respect to the doings of those other websites. It is recommended that the user reads and understands the policies of such third party websites.


“VIG K Finance” may have presence on social networking websites including but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs which are promotional and business initiatives to connect to a larger group of people. The domain links contained therein may either direct you to the present website or request your participation by way of feedback, suggestions. “VIG K Finance” in this regard fully disclaims any liabilities or claims, which may arise by use/misuse of your feedback, suggestions, views, etc. on any of the aforementioned networking websites or blogs, by any third party whether or not known to “VIG K Finance”.


In case a user wants to discontinue with “VIG K Finance” or change any information shared, the same may be done by writing a mail at privacy@vigkfinance.com, and “VIG K Finance” will take appropriate steps within a reasonable time.

In case of non-compliance with rules and regulations, user agreement and privacy policy for access or usage of “VIG K Finance” website, “VIG K Finance” has the right to immediately terminate the access or usage rights of the users to the computer resource of “VIG K Finance” and remove non-compliant information. Also, the user may be removed from the system of its website at the discretion of the website without notice.

Information relating to logs is automatically reported by the user’s browser each time the user accesses a web page.

Release of Movable / Immovable Property Documents on Repayment/ Settlement of Loans

The original property documents submitted as collateral will be returned to the borrowers within 30 days after paying off their full dues.


In case any changes are carried out in the Privacy Policy, the same will be uploaded over the website. In cases of some substantial change, the same will be intimated to the user. The users, should, in any case keep checking the website for general updates.


In case any of the above clauses are rendered invalid, the rendering of making it invalid will not affect the rest of the clauses of the policy and they would be in force.


In case of any disputes, the Courts of Delhi will alone have the jurisdiction and the laws of India will be applicable. If the website is used outside India, it will be at the user’s risk to use it outside India.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact Ms. Hemlata Sharma at privacy@vigkfinance.com by sending an e-mail which will be replied at the earliest, who will be the Grievance Officer in terms of Rule 3 (11) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011.